The ultimate tool for your box.

A pioneering new way to get customers.
Know their vehicle, buying habits, and loyalty.

Raise your
Car Count with
Top Customers.

Getting new customers is easy with ShopCure’s™ Customer to Shop Matching digital booking service. In the time in takes to explain the next job on the rack with your tech, you could have accepted a new ShopCure™ customer appointment.

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A preview into the ShopCure™ Appointment Process

Customers Rate You...Now Get Their Score.

Know customers' buying habits before they walk through your door.

Wouldn't it be great to know...
Vehicle: Lower than Average Mileage
Financial: Cost Comfortable
Loyalty: Occasional Customer

Wouldn't it be great to know...
Vehicle: Has Average Mileage
Financial: Prefers Quality Parts
Loyalty: Vehicle Not Maintained

Wouldn't it be great to know...
Vehicle: Higher Average Repair Cost
Financial: Cost Comfortable
Loyalty: Lifetime Customer

Wouldn't it be great to know...
Vehicle: Future Repairs Needed
Financial: Looking for Discounts
Loyalty: Vehicle Not Maintained

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A preview into the ShopCure™ Customer Scoring Process

Better Score
Better Customer.

The difference between a good customer, and the best long-term customer is ShopCure’s Exclusive Customer Insights. ShopCure™ provides shops a deeper understanding of customers, scored in three vital areas…Vehicles, Financial and Loyalty.


Of U.S. Drivers are looking for a trusted shop like yours.

Finally, a digital platform that drives long-term Customer Sales!

Drivers are demanding a digital repair service. CarCure™ by Autonet Moble is the digital booking service for today’s drivers. CarCure™ nurtures these customers with a seamless and transparent vehicle maintenance and repair experience and matches them to your ShopCure™ Shop.

• New Customer Stream
• Customers that Trust You
• Seamless Appointment Scheduling
• 1 Customer to 1 Shop Matching
• No Price Discounts or Haggling
• Qualified Customers, Ready to Transact
• Customers for Life

Autonet Mobile is reinventing the Auto Repair Service Experience. CarCure™ provides customers the ultimate digital vehicle repair and maintenance solution. ShopCure™ connects the best shops and provides the right information to build a portfolio of long term, trusting customers.

Autonet Mobile is the originator of in-network mobility solutions, and a 15-year tier-one supplier to Chevrolet, GMC, Cadillac, Chrysler, Nissan, Infiniti, and Maserati.